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Why do a Video Deposition?
  • "Seeing is Believing"

  • Auditory and Visual Cues as to Witness Credibility

  • Easy and Repeated Access to Witness Testimony

  • Holds the Attention of Jurors and Judges

  • Professional Videography adds Credibility to the Objective "Taking of Testimony"
  1. Video depositions are a simultaneous recording of both audio and visual testimony which clearly records the witness’s words and body language providing greater indicia of reliability than a written transcript alone.

  2. Video depositions show the demeanor of potentially hostile witness’s and can reduce uncertainty in dealing with witness’s testimony that may be surprising or unpredictable.

  3. Video depositions enhance credibility of witness’s who might otherwise be nervous or anxious in a courtroom atmosphere by providing a more comfortable environment.

  4. Video depositions provide easier access to expert witness testimony or witness’s who might not otherwise be able to appear in court. This saves time and money for all parties.

  5. Video more easily captures and holds the attention of jury members and judges.

  6. Video depositions by a certified professional, disinterested third party, is the most effective method of preserving testimony or reconstructing an event when it comes to presenting visual evidence in court.

  7. As a Certified Court Videographer with the American Guild of Court Videographers (Certified Court Video Specialist), I'm a certified professional who understands the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 30(b)(4), which governs the taking of video events to be admitted in a court of law.

  8. Video depositions provide quick and easy access to witness testimony. As a Video Deposition with time-date code generation, there is less likelihood of challenges to your video because the certified legal video helps eliminate claims that the video was edited, erased or otherwise altered without a judge’s direction.

  9. As a Certified Court Videographer, I will be present to testify in court as to the validity of your video. Non-certified videographers or interested parties would not have this type of standing in a court of law (additional fees apply).
We provide you with the most reliable and professional service as only Certified Court Video Specialists, certified by the American Guild of Court Videographers, can deliver.
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Video protects your case investments by capturing the legal record visually and audibly. Do not depend on the written transcript alone.

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  Michael A. Kurtz
Certified Deposition Video Specialist (CDVS)
Certified Video Documentary Specialist (CVDS)
Certified Court Video Specialist (CCVS)
Member in good standing, American Guild of Court Videographers

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